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Redenbach Lee Lawyers receives dual nominations as finalists at the Lawyers Weekly Partner of the Year Awards for Government Partner of the Year

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On 15 June 2018 Redenbach Lee Lawyers were afforded the privilege of attending the annual Lawyers Weekly Partner of the Year Awards following our partner’s nominations in the Government Law Partner of the Year category. The prestigious award recognises dedicated government service and reflected the firm’s close relationships with Local Government and in particular, local councils.

As a Local Government Procurement Approved Contractor, Redenbach Lee Lawyers is committed to providing legal services to government entities and in a short span of time have advised numerous large councils within NSW on a variety of projects and disputes. The firm is delighted to be recognised for its commitment to providing specialist advice to its Government and private sector clients.

Our partners Keith Redenbach and Greg Lee were highly recognised for their government expertise by constituting half the Finalists in the category. The nominations of both Keith and Greg in the same category is a testament to the collaborative and industry leading approach which the firm adopts.

While this year we were unsuccessful in winning the award, these nominations are an honour and a wonderful achievement for a new and upcoming practice. The event was an excellent opportunity to share the nomination with members of the firm and celebrate our successes over the past year.

Redenbach Lee Lawyers sets up office in the historic town of Broken Hill

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Last week our partners Keith Redenbach and Greg Lee travelled to the historic town of Broken Hill. At Redenbach Lee Lawyers we pride ourselves on our ability to understand our client’s commercial objectives and will do so at the coal face to deliver specialised project advice to best achieve the desired outcomes of our clients.

During this particular visit, Keith and Greg were fortunate enough to be given a tour of the town by long-standing Council employee Garry Schindler, which included visiting the Broken Hill Civic Centre and venturing out to the site of the new Broken Hill Waste Management Facility.

Through working closely with Broken Hill City Council, Redenbach Lee has developed close relationships with numerous Broken Hill locals. To further enhance these relationships and to more adequately accommodate the needs of this remote community, Redenbach Lee has set up a new office on Argent Street in Broken Hill. This office will allow Redenbach Lee employees to more frequently visit Broken Hill in order to provide hands on legal services to Broken Hill residents.

Security of payment laws report’s 86 recommendations miss one key recommendation – get on with it!

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The Commonwealth government’s long-awaited report on the Review of Security of Payment Laws by Mr John Murray AM was released in December 2017 with 86 recommendations suggesting that the “East Coast” model be adopted nationally. The East Coast Model was first introduced in 1999 in New South Wales, with other Eastern states having adopted similar legislation shortly after. The New South Wales Legislation has been heavily litigated over the past 20 years and has been subject to considerable refinement since its enactment to eliminate gaps within the legislation. The Murray Report rightfully suggests that the East Coast Model is the most effective model in successfully protecting the rights to payment of both Principals and Contractors.

Practically, the construction industry is a national industry which routinely operates across multiple jurisdictions. Having separate security regimes amongst states frustrates industry participants and increases complexity and administrative burden. What must now occur is a national approach to security of payment laws. This form of harmonisation has been enacted with respects to many other key legislations such as workplace health and safety and corporation’s laws.  Security of payment laws are no less significant and are heavily relied upon by Australia’s national construction industry.

Our partner, Keith Redenbach, was commissioned by the Society of Construction Law to review the NSW laws in 2015 and called for the harmonisation of state legislation in early 2016.  This recommendation has now been endorsed by the Murry Report and yet still no action is being taken. The immediacy of this need for harmonisation cannot be understated. The Commonwealth needs to adopt the findings of this report.

The full recommendations of the Murray report can be seen in the link below:

Blockchain Executions Commence at Redenbach Lee Lawyers

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Earlier this month, Broken Hill City Council (Council) General Manager, James Roncon signed and executed a construction contract for rectification works at the Civic Centre using Redenbach Lee Lawyers’ Ethereum Blockchain platform.

The Ethereum Blockchain platform is a highly advanced and decentralised internet-based system operated by a peer-to-peer network of participants, was used to simplify the deal-making process. This new process was developed by Redenbach Lee Lawyers to facilitate long-distance contract execution in order to make contractual processes easier for many of its clientele including remote councils. The development was supported in collaboration with Block 8 Technologies.

Council was able to digitally sign a construction contract in a way that has never been done before through the Ethereum infrastructure. Storage on the Blockchain network enables users to verify the document itself as well as perform audits on the data stored well into the future.

If adopted by other regional Councils and counterparties, Blockchain contract execution could have a significant impact in connecting regional New South Wales to the rest of Australia and abroad. By using Blockchain contract execution, time savings and cost efficiencies are realised by removing the distance barriers often experienced by remote regions.

Co-inventor of this innovative new method of contract execution, Greg Lee, partner of Redenbach Lee Lawyers said that ‘our process of Blockchain contract execution enables contractors and Council to access a decentralised final version of the contract.’

General Manager, James Roncon said ‘the whole process was surprisingly painless’. Samuel Brooks of Block 8 Technologies said ‘Blockchain offers explosive innovation opportunities at a global scale. This technology is transformative for all forms of financial agreements and will carve out huge efficiencies in a number of verticals by disintermediating trusted third parties.

Co-Inventor Keith Redenbach partner of Redenbach Lee Lawyers said that ‘innovation like this will ultimately revolutionise the way remotely located parties are able to interact with their counterparties.’